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End of May,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in mass and
steroids, no photo

New Muscle, More Mass!

We Got Even Bigger and Better With X Reps and New Beyond-X Mass-Training Tactics

About 10 pounds of muscle heavier and more shredded than ever! (No drugs, no trick photography.)

It was a huge part of the mass-building puzzle! After more than 40 years of training between us, we didn't think it was possible—maybe we were as big as we could get—but X-Reps supercharged our muscle growth in the summer at a rate of speed that amazed us! Our before and after photos (to the right and left of these words) show those first results that radically changed our physiques in about 35 days (without drugs—the details are at the X-Rep.com home page)! But we knew that if we wanted to get even bigger, better and more muscular—more X-treme muscle mass and muscularity—something in our workouts had to be altered. It's a law of physiology: To up muscle gains, the stimulus has gotta change!

With that fact bouncing around in our heads, we took more ideas to the drawing board, blasting and testing our muscles with a number of new X-Rep-hybrid bombing raids during the fall and winter. The results? Once we learned to apply them correctly, we slapped on pounds of new muscle once again! (See our photos above and below). Bigger arms, thicker chests, more muscular detail, new vascularity!

And it happened even faster than the year before. X-hybrid experimentation helped us figure out the most result-producing tactics, and we put together a program that took our mass to the next level (after some tweaking)! We did our annual photo shoot in mid-June, almost three weeks earlier than the year before. It's another testament to the X-Rep phenomenon and our new X-hybrid tactics, X Reps' direct muscle-building descendants.

You may have read about them in our e-zine and/or at our X-Blog. They include: X/Pause, X Fade, X-centric training, Double-X Overload and Stage Sets. With them, and standard X Reps, we packed on about 10 more pounds of raw muscle mass in record time. (That's especially impressive for Steve, a 46-year-old skinny hardgainer type whose size should've peaked long ago; he's actually better now than he was in his testosterone-fueled 20s. These X tactics work!)

The past two summers have been the most exciting in our bodybuilding-training careers, without a doubt—not only because we've made such spectacular gains thanks to X Reps. We're also stoked because of the results bodybuilders all over the world have been getting with these methods. Helping others help themselves to fast new muscle gains with quicker workouts gives us a blast of motivation because we know how it is to be frustrated with training, stuck in a rut for months or years without gains. It's exciting to see others so excited about training again! That's why we make it a priority to do our X-Blog, our daily training journal, and to answer so many e-mails about X Reps and exercise performance. We want you to succeed at building an eye-popping physique almost as much as we want another 20 pounds of muscle.

Think about that—your current body with 20 pounds of new lean muscle! Imagine what all that beef could do for your look at the beach or pool—talk about grabbing attention!—not to mention the huge boost you'd get to your self-confidence, as your arms stretch your shirt sleeves and your chest and shoulders broaden and thicken. We think—no, make that we're positive that X Reps and our new hybrid X tactics can help you get there faster than ever. That's why we continue to do a weekly e-zine, our blog and e-books on our passion, building a muscular, shredded physique. With our help, you could look as good, or maybe even better than we did in our latest, most-massive and ripped conditions...

As we've said, and as you've seen if you visit our Web site often, we only put together an e-book when we've collected a goldmine of muscle-building info, and our latest is jam-packed with it. Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building explains everything we've learned since our original X-periment, including the newest best-of-the-best X-Rep-hybrid mass-building tactics, and how you can apply them in the gym to pack more muscle on your frame. They obviously worked for us big-time, and we've been training for more than 40 years collectively.

We even include—and explain in detail—the exact program we used during our ripping phase to make those new gains, and the mistakes we made (yes, we're still learning; X Reps are powerful and you must be careful not to overtrain), but that's only the tip of the iceberg. We also detail our new X-Hybrid Mega-Mass Program we're now using to pack on even more muscle (we're shooting high, 20 pounds, but we think it's possible considering all we've learned). And we want you to come along with us for the mass-building ride. We've even outlined an X-Hybrid Mega-Mass Home-Gym Program for those aspiring muscle builders who train at home.

We'll be reporting on what we're doing in the gym and how the program is evolving in our X-Blog, as well as in our weekly e-zine. They will be the auxiliary ammo to the e-books. (Think of the Beyond X e-book as the primary mass move, like squats, and the blog and e-zine as single-joint auxiliary exercises like leg extensions and leg curls.) Our plan is to have them all synergize to motivate you and give you the precise info you need to build your best most-muscular physique ever without wasting any time. They'll all work together for you like a well-oiled mass machine—and we'll be training right beside you, striving to build as much muscle as possible too.

What about our first e-book, The Ultimate Mass Workout? Do you need to read it before you devour our new one? We recommend it, as UMW lays the groundwork for X Reps, explains the concept in detail, and even provides a break-in routine (remember, X Reps are very powerful). And it's probably best to familiarize yourself with the Ultimate Exercises for each bodypart and learn how to attack them with X Reps before you apply the hybrid X tactics (you'll build a solid base of muscle mass fast following the programs and info in that first e-book). Then you can blast your muscles even further into the growth zone with the new info in Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building. (We've got a special package deal at the X-Shop.)

However, if you're confident with your understanding of X Reps from the blog and e-zine, you've used Xes in your workouts, and you consider yourself an experienced trainer who's ready to take his muscles to the next level of size, you can go right to Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building without any problems. Here are some of the things we detail in that new e-book:

•How a 300 percent increase in muscle mass occurred in only 30 days—and the X-hybrid tactic that mimics the scientific technique used in the study (it makes certain key exercises that we give you monster-mass moves!). Page 20

•The 5 key mass-building lessons—more critical pieces to the mass-building puzzle that can help you grow bigger faster. (We explain them all in detail in the first 5 chapters.)

• New diet tricks to amplify the mega-mass response—one is a simple practice suggested by a respected Ph.D. pioneer in muscle recovery.

•The exact program we used during our latest peaking phase that filled out our frames with nearly 10 pounds of new mass—every muscle's positions of flexion identified along with the best X-hybrid techniques for each.

•Analysis of the top pro bodybuilders' training, and how they use semistretched-position overload to jack up their mass to the X-treme (solid info you can use in your own workouts).

•How steroids work, and how you can replicate those anabolic effects without taking drugs! (We did it; you can too!)

•The new X-Hybrid Mega-Mass Program we've developed with our 40-plus years of training experience. It's the regimen we will use in our quest for 20 pounds of new mass. (Follow us into the X-treme-mass zone with this routine, keeping track via our X-Blog and e-zine as this program evolves. It's time to X-it from Smallville forever!)

•The X-Hybrid Mega-Mass Home-Gym Program, a basic-equipment routine for home trainees who want to X-periment and grow along with us as well. Prepare to home in on more mass!

Plus, you can e-mail us questions via the special X-Rep e-mail address, and we'll give you answers—it's like having us and our 40 years of combined experience training right beside you (Steve's been the editor in chief at IRON MAN magazine for more than 15 years and written more than 10 books on weight training). And we'll continually update the programs at our X-blog. You'll get all of that when you order the Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building e-book (PDF format). Normally $39.95, we're offering it for only $10.00. Click below to order. It's time to take your physique BEYOND BIG with your very next workout by harnessing the incredible mass-building power of X-Rep training and the new X-hybrid mass tactics.

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The Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building e-book, featuring X-Rep Training

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader available for free here:

Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building was written to help you get closer to your physical potential with sensible bodybuilding strategies. Weight training is a demanding activity, however, so it is highly recommended that you consult your physician and have a physical examination prior to beginning a weight-training program. Any comments provided are for general information purposes only and do not represent medical advice. Proceed with the suggested diets, exercises and routines at your own risk.

Results using Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building and X-Reps vary from individual to individual. Testimonial endorsers’ results using it may be considered atypical.

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Beyond X

End of May,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in muscle size, density
steroids, no photo