Steve: Full Body (exercise add-on)

Steve Holman after one month of X-Rep training

I continued with opposing-muscle supersets–and then adding one set of a different exercise. That works very well on a number of levels, from mental (gotta get something out of the extra exercise in only one set so focus is high) as well as physical (it’s a different move/angle so new fibers can get stimulated). Here’s how it went down today… [Read more…]

Jonathan: Full Body (Max MMX)

Jonathan Lawson after one month of X-Rep training

Big change for me today, as I decided to follow in Steve’s footsteps with a full-body max MMX assault today. I’ve only done full body routines when on vacation or when schedules are just too condensed. He’s been getting good results, though, and the research we keep writing about put me over the edge. Gotta try it… [Read more…]