Quick-Start Muscle Building Guide

The New Muscular You Is Only a Few Quick Workouts Away!

If You’re Ready for a Body That Grabs Attention,
The Quick-Start Muscle-Building Guide
Is Your Rocket to Rock-Solid Results

When you decide to transform your body, you want to blast off with a bang. And the Quick-Start Muscle Building Guide is the ultimate muscle-building starter manual to help you do it.

Whether you’re just beginning, on a comeback attack after a layoff or looking for a simple back-to-the-future workout for reconnecting with your muscles after a plateau, the Quick-Start Muscle-Building Guide e-book is your roadmap to results. It’s all about building eye-catching muscle from your very first workout—right out of the blocks. You’ll finally be proud to peel off your shirt at the lake, pool or beach (and see the gals raise some eyebrows).

Your first step is the two-week Break-In Program that primes your muscles as you connect with the key exercises; then you move on to the more focused six-week Fast-Mass Program—that’s when your body changes accelerate. You’ll feel bigger and stronger with every workout, a big motivator—but for the program to work, you must not add exercises or sets. Stick to the quick-workout plan as it’s outlined. It’s designed so you are in and out of the gym quickly only a few days a week, but the exercise order is structured with efficiency of effort in mind—no wasted time or energy, just serious growth stimulation with muscular-force amplification (we have more than 40 years of training experience between us, and helping you avoid the transformation pitfalls is our mission). Here are some of the things you will learn…

  • How you can use light weights to trigger new muscle increases (a research study verifies the size effect), page 22.
  • A blood-flow exercise technique that not only pumps you up bigger faster, but also increases your fat-melting growth hormone naturally, page 24.
  • The key muscle-contraction exercise for each bodypart that forces fast mass increases in your arms, chest, back, legs and shoulders (you use these on the six-week program), pages 27-30.
  • How to supercharge an exercise with the Double-X Overload technique—a prestretch tactic (based on an animal study that produced a 300 percent muscle-mass increase in only one month), page 42.
  • How less training can get you greater gaining (a research study shows why), page 46.
  • The alternate go-to Fantastic 4 workout—when you only have about 25 minutes to spare (it’s the best four-exercise workout you can use for an efficient, effective overall muscle-building session), page 47.
  • The 5 critical tips you should follow that help you eat to grow (includes the printable Fast-Mass Diet, a meal-by-meal eating template you can use as is or customize), pages 48-49.
  • How and when to do minimal cardio sessions so you burn the most fat without losing muscle, page 50.
  • Your next big steps to more results—how to take your physique to the next level of attention-grabbing muscle and rippedness (a research study on body types provides the answers), pages 51-52.

All of the workout programs and start/finish exercise diagrams are in printable form, so you can output them and take them to the gym—you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it. This e-book also includes full-color anatomy charts to show you the target muscles and a big Q&A section with eating and cardio tips and innovative alternate workouts. (We even provide an All-Dumbbell Fast-Mass Program for home training—all you need are dumbbells, an adjustable bench and our DXO technique.)

Add it all up, and you’ve got the perfect start-up guide for your quick body transformation. Start now! The new muscular you is only a few quick workouts away.

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