Size Surge Workout

Imagine Your New Attention-Grabbing Body With 20 Pounds of Extra Muscle
Packed On Your Arms, Back, Chest and Legs—In Only 10 Weeks!

Here’s the Complete, Step-by-Step
Legendary Crash Course I Used to Pack On 20 Pounds of Muscle in Only 10 Weeks—No Steroids, Other Drugs or Hormones—Now With 2 NEW Mass-4X Workouts

INCREDIBLE is the only way to describe how I felt after I packed on almost 20 pounds of solid muscle in 10 short weeks with The X-traordinary Size Surge Workout 2.0. My self-confidence doubled when my strength went through the roof, my arms blew up with almost 2 inches of new mass and my friends’ jaws dropped after they witnessed my muscular transformation. I used no drugs whatsoever, only precision workouts and a few choice supplements.

And even more amazing, each time I weighed myself, I had to step on the scale twice just to be sure I wasn’t imagining things; muscle kept appearing after almost every workout. Talk about exciting!

No doubt about it, this program is a bodybuilding breakthrough. It’s a tested two-phase training approach that can radically change your appearance in record time. As you can see from my photos, it sent my growth into orbit and my physique became much fuller and more dense than ever before—in only 10 short weeks…

Size Surge before and after 10 weeksIf packing on solid size and strength quickly is on our wish list, and you want to see the gals raise some eyebrows when you peel off your shirt, The X-traordinary Size Surge Workout is your step-by-step road map to an eye-popping physique. In it I present all the info and programs from my personalized training journals when I was the beta-test subject for this amazing legendary muscle-weight-gain program. It’s all here…

✔ My Phase 1 Size Surge Workouts. I made key changes to the original workouts that helped me gain faster. You’ll get this supercharged six-week anabolic-primer routine, and you’ll only train three days per week! No, it’s not full-body workouts; these are specially designed quick split sessions that increase your natural testosterone production and get your muscle growth surging.

✔ My Phase 2 Size Surge Workouts. At week 7 you’ll shift to this multi-angular training approach so you get a brand-new blast of muscle mass right out of the blocks. It contains key muscle-hypertrophic triggers like the myotatic reflex, full-range fiber recruitment and continuous tension to jolt a new round of growth as well as all the key changes I made. You can use either my every-other-day-split version or the new three-way split so you train four days a week with weekends off.

✔ Every Size Exercise Fully Explained and Illustrated. See photos and illustrations of exactly how to perform each and every move in both phases so you make the fastest gains possible. Plus, I give you loads of tips and tricks so you hit the target muscle hard, feel it working and force it to grow like never before.

✔ The Size Surge Diet. An easy-to-follow balanced meal-by-meal eating schedule with the perfect protein-carb-fat percentages that deliver accelerated anabolic uptake. (I also give you my loose version with cookies and sub sandwiches every so often.) You also get the recipe for the awesome Power Shake, a potent recovery and growth booster you can make with inexpensive ingredients from the grocery store.

✔ 7 Sacred Rules for Packing On Muscle Weight You Should Never Break. Review these often so you stay on the road to mega muscle mass.

✔ The Amazing Colorado Experiment. A detailed look at how one bodybuilder packed on an incredible 60 pounds of muscle in only four weeks—yes, four weeks! It happened in a controlled university research setting, and I’ll show you how he did it, the routine he used and how the Size Surge program uses and infuses its tremendous mass-building power.

✔ A Full Half-Inch of Arm Mass After Only 1 Workout. How a renowned muscle-building researcher added a half-inch or more of permanent growth to almost every bodybuilders’ arm measurement with only one full-body workout that lasted about an hour, and how you can use his secret to boost your mass gains with the Size Surge workouts.

✔ A Doctor’s Stress-Response Mechanism for Anabolic Acceleration. This scientific recovery generator is incorporated into the Size Surge program to amplify your mass-building results (you can use it with any program you’re on to get spectacular gains—it’s fully explained).

✔ Serious Size Surge Supplements. I didn’t use many to build my 20 pounds of muscle, but here are the key ones I knew had potential–and they worked big time (if you’re on a budget, you will love this no-holds-barred streamlined supplement schedule).

✔ High-Intensity Interview. A discussion with a top-level bodybuilder on his one-set-to-failure mass-building method that’s strikingly similar to the Size Surge program. Learn his secrets for extraordinary muscle growth with brief, all-out training sessions—motivational photos included.

✔ Plus, 2 NEW Complete Mass-4X Workouts. This is a big new 2.0 chapter that describes the evolution of the revolutionary M4X growth-threshold system. These alternate Phase 2 workouts fuse POWER training with moderate-weight DENSITY OVERLOAD so your growth literally explodes! You also get one-set “finisher” add-on moves to shock new size with X-centric, X-celeration and NA-Speed tactics. This chapter alone is worth the price!

As you can see, it’s absolutely possible for you to gain 5, 10, 20 or 30 pounds of solid muscle in a few short weeks. I added 20, and every bit of info on how I did it is here in this simple step-by-step e-book. I want you to do it too!

I’m proof that the legendary X-traordinary Size Surge program will definitely get you growing. You’ve got nothing to lose and pounds of muscle to gain. The time is now to get on the big-gain train. It’s grow time!

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