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End of May 2004,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1, 2004: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in mass and
steroids, no photo


Get On the Rocketship to Ripped
for an Eye-Popping Beach Body!

The X-treme Lean Fat-Burning and Nutrition E-Book
Is Your Ultimate Guide--for Only $9.99 For a Limited Time!

You want that ripped look. It’s a burning desire because nothing grabs attention like an etched set of abs. And you’ll feel great too—no fat jiggling around your middle and no sluggishness from carting around all that extra baggage. Just plenty of lean muscle standing out in bold relief (and raising plenty of eyebrows)!

You’ve seen our results, most of which we got in the last month of our ripping phase. Those before and afters are shocking, but a testament to the effectiveness of our body-defining strategies. It’s taken us a lot of years and experimentaton at the IRON MAN Training & Research Center to hone them, but we’ve finally put them all in our new e-book X-treme Lean, and we’re positive it will be your roadmap to the fat-attack fast track. All the answers you’ve been looking for are here. It includes:

•How to cheat your way to leanness—yes, you gotta cheat for the fastest results possible! We proved it—by mistake; you’ll see how. Cheating makes fat loss much easier. Really!

•Jonathan’s Cardio-Surge Philosophy, and how you can use it to ramp up your metabolism (his complete ripping diet that sparked his one-month tranformation is here too).

•Steve’s 12-Week X-treme Lean eating schedule (each weekly diet is oulined in meal-by-meal form, including his final four-week phase that packed on muscle as he burned off the last hint of muscle-blurring bodyfat during the X-Rep experiment).

•Becky Holman’s incredible transformation story—you’ll learn how she did it, with her exact training programs, diets and printable X-treme Lean eating tips. (This is must reading for women who want to lean down fast—and talk about motivating! Full-color photos are here too.)

•The fast fat-busting X-treme Lean starter diet to prime your body to start shedding fat immedately—as you pack on muscle (yes, it can be done despite what experts say; all the nuts and bolts are here).

•Key fat-burning nutrients, supplements and compounds—what works, our favorites and how we used each one (with specific times and dosages—printable chart included).

•X-treme Lean Tip sheets and diets you can print, cut out and post on your fridge for quick reference (including alternate meals you can use to stay in the fat-burning zone without getting bored or going berserk).

•The latest on X-Rep training, including the occlusion phenomenon (it’s a big part of the X-treme Lean High-Definition training program that’s outlined; and there’s more on X Reps here too—plus all the programs have space provided for your training poundages; it’s like printable personalized workouts).

•Full-color photos throughout, including inspiring before and afters.

It’s time to start now. You know you’re ready to shed pounds of ugly bodyfat and pack on muscle at the same time. You want granite abs? We’ll give you the diet info to let ’em rip!

And you can do it faster than ever without getting mean. Ready? You’re going to get X-treme Lean!

$39.95 $9.99

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader available for free here:

Get the amazing Triple-Shredded Combo Offer, our 3 best-selling fat-off, muscle-on e-guides: X-treme Lean, The Ultimate Fat-to-Muscle Workout and X-traordinary Abs. Separately that's a $105 value, but you can get all 3 best-sellers for only $19 (you save over $85). It's your ripped-body blueprint for the eye-popping physique that will grab attention at the beach, lake or pool.


You will need Adobe Acrobat reader available for free here:

For more info on The Ultimate Fat-to-Muscle Workout and X-traordinary Abs, CLICK HERE.

X-Treme Lean was written to help you get closer to your physical potential with sensible bodybuilding strategies. Weight training is a demanding activity, however, so it is highly recommended that you consult your physician and have a physical examination prior to beginning a weight-training program. Any comments provided are for general information purposes only and do not represent medical advice. Proceed with the suggested diets, exercises and routines at your own risk.

Results using X-Treme Lean and X-Reps vary from individual to individual. Testimonial endorsers’ results using it may be considered atypical.

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X-Treme Lean

End of May 2004,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1, 2004: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in muscle size, density
steroids, no photo